Email Clients with S/MIME

Most popular email clients that support S/MIME natively:

Application Description Instructions
Microsoft Outlook versatile information manager, part of Microsoft Office suite here
Apple Mail email application shipped with Apple Mac computers, part of OS X operating system here
iPhone Mail email client found on iPhones and iPads, created by Apple Inc and part of iOS environment here
R2Mail2 email client for Android OS here
The Bat! shareware email application developed for Microsoft Windows with security in mind here
Mozilla Thunderbird free, open source, cross-platform email, news, and chat client here
Mozilla SeaMonkey free, open-source Internet suite that consists of a web browser, e-mail, news client, HTML editor and IRC client here
IBM / Lotus Notes office collaboration suite (including email client) found in large organisations here
Outlook Express old email client shipped with Windows operating system up to 2001 here
Penango plugin that encrypts end-to-end Gmail from within a web browser here
BlackBerry built-in email client here
Evolution free information manager (consisting of email client), similar to Microsoft Outlook here

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