Secure Email with Outlook

Secure email with Microsoft Outlook

  1. Using Internet Explorer on Windows (or Safari on Mac), request a certificate from either Comodo (recommended), Start SSL, Actalis, Symantec, Certum or GlobalSign

    • it’s important to use exactly Internet Explorer (or Safari on Mac), otherwise key export/import step will be required
    • if key generation (or installation) fails, make sure you disable Protected Mode in Internet Explorer – Internet OptionsSecurity tab
    • Comodo, Start SSL and Actalis are free, others are not

  2. Collect the certificate (using the same Internet Explorer – or Safari when on Mac – very important to use exactly same browser)

  3. Then, click on FILE top menu

  4. Then Options and then Trust Center, followed by Trust Center Settings button.

  5. Then E-mail Security on the left and Settings on the right

  6. Outlook will automatically select the new certificate, so just click OK
    If it didn’t (as per image below), click on Choose and select the certificate yourself (for both Signing Certificate and Encryption Certificate)
    If still no certificate can be found, check which web browser you used to request and collect it. Worst case, you’ll need to export the certificate to a file and then import it to Outlook – see instructions

  7. Select Add digital signature to outgoing messages, and OK

  8. Compose and send a new email – it will be cryptographically signed by default

  9. A signed email sent to you will look like this:

  10. Now you can finally send encrypted emails (with people you exchanged signed emails)
    In case you get an error “Recipient can’t receive encrypted messages”

    1. open the digitally signed message from that person
    2. right-click the name in the From box, and then click Add to Contacts on the shortcut menu
    3. if you already have a contact entry for this person,
      select Update new information from this contact to the existing one – see also Microsoft Support about this error

  11. And receive encrypted emails

  12. You can also send a test email to us

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