Secure Email

  1. Email client
  2. To secure email communication with end-to-end encryption an email client is required.
    Here are tailored instructions for some:

    Otherwise, continue below.

  3. Digital certificate
  4. Generate and export a digital certificate.

  5. Import certificate
  6. Email encryption
    • Now, each time you send a certificate signed email to someone, and the recipient does the same, you both exchange each other’s public keys
    • Once such an interchange happens, all subsequent emails with that recipient can be encrypted
    • Please try sending us a test email

    Things to remember:

    • Certificates are usually valid for one year, so need to be renewed annually
    • While the body of an email is encrypted, the header (fields: To, From, Subject, Originating IP) never are
    • When a certificate expires (after a year), you can keep accessing all your old emails, as long as you don’t delete any certificate from your computer (and you can have multiple certificates at the same time, for the same email or for multiple emails)

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